New York East River Bikeway

The New York East River Bikeway and Esplanade involved the preliminary design of a pair of 6.5 mile bicycling and walking facilities along the densely developed East River edge of Manhattan, New York. The complex route ran from Battery Park at the southern end of the island north through the South Street Seaport Historic District, along and under Roosevelt Drive, through East River Park, up First Avenue around the United Nations and to the Queensborough Bridge. Existing paths were linked and new facilities planned.

The solution include a diverse set of striped lanes, off-road park paths, signed routes along streets, and special signage and barriers. Competition for space was fierce and auto or pedestrian hazards were everywhere, so many clever solutions were employed including generous striping and signage. The route sign system, designed by another firm, was later adopted City-wide. A walking route was planned along the bikeway. The linear park has now been expanded under Roosevelt Drive as the East River Waterfront Esplanade.

The bicycle route design was conducted by Bill Weber while he was with a prior firm. Client: Lower Manhattan Development Corporation.