Eau Claire Comprehensive Plan 2015

Mr. Weber was invited by the City of Eau Claire to help update the Comprehensive Plan because of his in-depth knowledge of the community and the award-winning work he had done previously.  Both the 1992 and the 2005 plans were lauded by the Wisconsin Chapter of the American Planning Association.  In addition, the WAPA also honored the City in 2015 for the unique growth management agreements executed with the adjacent Towns, the major outcome of the 2005 plan.  Mr. Weber had also prepared a downtown and several neighborhood or district plans during that time. 

Once again, the city-wide strategy addressed all of the topics required by the Wisconsin Smart Growth planning legislation plus chapters on urban design.    

With growth management under control, attention was turned to the central neighborhoods.  There, the table was set to build a coalition of private and public interests that are expected to form a not-for-profit neighborhood development corporation.  That company will tackle the redevelopment needs that the private sector cannot and for which the Redevelopment and Housing Authorities are not suited.  Mr. Weber has been asked to facilitate the birth of that organization. 

The Recommendations of this plan are practical yet progressive thanks to the decades of experience brought by Bill Weber, who wrote the entire document. Mapping was assisted by Flat Rock Geographics.  Mr. Weber’s many high-quality photos also supplemented the text. 

Public participation was led by a committee of 39 citizens who met monthly for ten months.