Edina Valley View at Woodale Plan

Bill Weber helped prepare a plan to reposition an aging commercial center in an Edina neighborhood.  The intersection of Valley View Road and Wooddale Avenue was once a thriving hub with stores for groceries, hardware, bicycles, dinners, ice cream, auto service and more.  But changing patterns caused a dramatic change in market share and tenant mix.  

A team led by Peter Musty, LLC, with Biko Associates, Economic Development Services and Maxfield Research worked with property owners and neighbors to prepare a plan that would become an element of the City’s comprehensive plan. 

The document addressed the pattern of land use; building placement, height and relationship to the street; traffic management and parking; bicycling and walking; transit; streetscape; and marketing.  

The most challenging aspect of the assignment was to jointly envision a future with multi-story, mixed-use buildings set close to the sidewalks.  Likewise, the idea of replacing the shopping center with housing caused some neighbors to fear loss of a community gathering point. 

The planning team helped participants embrace this transition with policies and graphics that emphasized providing a graceful transition to nearby single-family housing; regulating building heights and creating walkable street fronts. 

Plenty of time was provided for ideas, alternatives, walk-abouts, sketching, comments, reviews, discussion and editing.   

Client:  City of Edina, Minnesota