Northstar Corridor Station Neighborhood Planning

While with another firm, Mr. Weber prepared land use plans and urban design guidelines for the vicinity of 14 planned stations along the Northstar commuter rail line in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. The work included (1) a generously illustrated handbook of urban design guidelines and development policies for use by City planners and officials and (2) a set of land use plans, policies and implementation tools that served as part of the FTA New Starts application.

The urban design guidelines were organized under the principles of mixed and concentrated land use, enhanced station neighborhood environments, and supportive access.

The guidelines were intended to help update local comprehensive plans, revise zoning ordinances, promote private investment, review development applications and select implementation techniques.

Policies and guidelines were tailored for each of the se possible types of station neighborhoods: urban center, town center, suburban residential or suburban multiple-use. Land use and development intensity were recommended for the transit core (1/6 to ¼ mile from the station), the transit neighborhood (1/4 to ½ mile) and the transit support area (1/2 to 1 mile).