Vision 20/20 Comprehensive and Fringe Growth Plan

The Vision 20/20 Comprehensive and Fringe Growth Plan was a joint effort of the City of Springfield and Greene County, Missouri. Consequently, the project team was able to craft a vision that encompassed the entire metropolitan community and its hinterland. Urban growth could be managed effectively because of the cooperation of the county on zoning, and features that cross jurisdictional boundaries, such as roads and surface water, could be planned comprehensively. The multi-jurisdictional nature of the process also led to the creation of a joint city-county park system.

The plan included a travel behavior inventory, a new traffic model, a downtown plan, a community physical character (urban design) element, a housing assistance plan, neighborhoods plans, an historic preservation plan and detailed plans for fringe growth (the Southeast Area Plan is shown below).

Public participation included 12 subject-based committees that advised a citizens’ steering committee. (This project was managed by Bill Weber while with another firm.)