Urban Photography

Bill Weber is an accomplished photographer who makes extensive use of his large catalog of digital images. With more than 10,000 carefully selected photos indexed in 50+ categories, Bill can communicate many urban design ideas through reports and PowerPoint shows. He continually adds to the collection by identifying and filling subject niches during weekend self-assignments, travels and planning projects. In addition to its value in communication, Bill's urban photography practice helps him become a more careful observer of development and the environment.

Bill is also available for assignment work through Weber Architectural Photography.

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: This week's image is shows a lady being walked by her dogs in Hennepin Village, a beautiful New Urbanist neighborhood in Eden Prairie. Below, James J. Hill's Stone Arch Bridge over the Mississippi River in downtown Minneapolis, and a footbridge over Minnehaha Creek, a color photo made to appear black-and-white by the snow.