City of Waconia Comprehensive Plan

The Waconia Comprehensive Plan (2008) will guide the perimeter growth and neighborhood revitalization of this freestanding city of 20,000 people on the outskirts of the Twin Cities. The plan addressed land use, transportation, utilities and neighborhood design through policy statements, maps and other graphics.

The plan called for compact community growth, preserving areas for long-term expansion, a higher density mixed use center, and a new business park. This pattern was supported by future arterial roads and a utilities and growth staging plan. Wetlands, streams and other sensitive natural features were designated for protection through zoning. Mr. Weber worked helped designate a location for a 100-acre park on the perimeter of the community for organized sports and resource preservation, and he suggested a location for a major new school campus.

Private organizational elements addressed community leadership, target enterprises, entrepreneurial support, workforce readiness, and business recruitment and retention.

The plan identified key issues such as the need for additional sites that allow outdoor storage and have rail and truck access; downtown and central area revitalization; and retention of recent college graduates.

The assessment of conditions described recent accomplishments, perceived strengths and weaknesses, business clusters, site inventory and absorption, and organizational relationships.

Client: City of Waconia, Minnesota