Arden Hills Downtown Master Plan and Urban Design Guidelines

While with another firm, Bill Weber managed a plan focusing on land use, urban design, road redesign and streetscape improvements for the County Road E corridor, downtown Arden Hills.

Challenges included managing land access, accommodating turning volumes, repositioning a failing commercial center, redeveloping an eight-acre hotel site, and making the corridor more friendly toward pedestrians, bicyclists and bus riders.

End products included a new cross-section concept for the County Road, an illustrated set of urban design guidelines, detailed plans for two sites and a master plan illustrating buildings, parking and landscaping. Redevelopment and infill sites were identified, increases in urban density were proposed and means to enhance the sense of downtown civic place were offered.

County Road E was recommended for reconstruction from a five-lane undivided cross section to four lanes with a landscaped median, protected turn lanes, bicycles lanes, sidewalks and street trees. Driving lanes were proposed to be narrowed and the posted speed limit reduced. The Ramsey County Highway Department was consulted on these proposed changes.