Astra Village Master Plan and Urban Design Guidelines

Astra Village is a 150-acre multiple-use development in Brooklyn Park consisting of 2.0 million square feet of office, 1,000 housing units, 92,000 square feet of retail space and a 15 acre park.

Mr. Weber led a team of landscape architects and civil and traffic engineers from McCombs Frank Roos Associates to prepare a master plan and 67-page set of design guidelines.

Photos and sketches were used to describe the desired components and explain the architectural and site planning guidelines for residential, office and commercial development along with public space design and landscaping.

Offices and housing were proposed to front onto the generously landscaped Astra Parkway to help create inward focus and a sense of place. A ravine park was proposed to address the need for storm water management and recreational open space near the middle of the site.

The team negotiated extensively with Hennepin County and performed multiple traffic simulations to arrive at a mutually acceptable solution for site access along Zane Avenue, County Road 14.

Client: Bridgeland Development. LLC.