Eau Claire Comprehensive Plan

Winner of the Wisconsin APA Honor Award for Comprehensive Planning, 2006

Mr. Weber was invited to help update the 1992 plan, which he also prepared. This more recent document focused strongly on the issue of managing fringe growth.

A major effort was made during this process to gain agreement with the adjacent Towns on a pattern of land use, housing density, municipal annexation and utility extensions that would allow the city to expand in a compact, cost effective manner. A contract to that effect and amendments to the City and Town plans eventually resulted. That agreement may be the first of its kind in Wisconsin.

The plan also addressed natural resource management, economic development, roads, transit and bicycling, parks, historic preservation, the utility systems and intergovernmental relations.

Extensive citizen participation from both the City and adjacent units of government was one of the keys to this successful planning program. Mr. Weber held thirty meetings with a citizens committee appointed by the Council, conducted two community forums on Saturdays, and provided materials for a Web-site, newsletters, newspaper coverage, and meetings with neighborhood and other civic groups.

The plan won an Honor Award from the Wisconsin Chapter of the American Planning Association, as did the 1992 plan.

Other projects managed by Mr. Weber that had their roots in the Comprehensive Plan included the Clairemont Medical and Educational District Plan, the West Riverside Neighborhood and Medical Campus Plan and the Fringe Growth Management Plans.

The Eau Claire Comprehensive Plan was managed by Mr. Weber while he was with another firm, which provided GIS services. Economic Development Services, Inc., prepared the economic development chapter.

Eau Claire Land Use Plan Map 2005