Weber Community Planning combines the city planning experience of William Weber with the expertise of other professionals in complementary disciplines. Bill offers more than 30 years of consulting experience in the fields of economic development, comprehensive planning, redevelopment, land development regulation and public participation. To suit the needs of each client, he tailors teams of professionals in landscape architecture, traffic engineering, ecology, cultural resources, market analysis, economic development or geographic information systems.

Experience… Bill Weber’s seasoned judgment benefits clients as they make difficult choices. His team members are seasoned professional who have collaborated previously.

Consensus… Bill Weber has helped resolve differences and build consensus in controversial situations. Every one of his plans are supported by a strong process of public engagement and agency communication, which helps ensure acceptance and implementation.

Results… The guidance of Bill Weber is visionary but realistic, imbued with the belief that cities must use traditional place-making techniques to build a sense of community and lasting value. His recommendations guide ordinances, capital investments, staff activities and Council decisions. His work is on time and within budget.


If you would like to learn more about how Weber Community Planning can help in your community, please contact us.